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Life can get complicated but fitness doesn't have to be. Subscribe to my fitness program for weekly workouts and meal plans!

My Story

I never knew where to start... I kept putting off my health. I was overwhelmed with the amount of information out there on healthy living. When I walked into the gym, I felt intimidated and didn’t even know what to do with a dumbbell. Now that I’ve been in the fitness world for over 10 years, I wanted to create a program that helps women begin working out and eating healthy. I know how complicated it can be, so my Done-For-You Fitness program makes it simple. Each month I create meal plans and workouts in a beautiful way that makes getting started easy!

DFY Fitness is for you if...

You feel overwhelmed with where or how to begin exercising.
Your schedule is super packed and you struggle to find time to workout or meal plan.
You feel intimidated when you walk into a gym.
You sometimes want to workout from your home or the gym.
You’ve fallen off the fitness bandwagon and need motivation to get back on track.
You’d like easy-access workouts & meal plans to make healthy living simple!
DFY Fitness Subscription

What's included?

For only $25/month you'll get...

36 recipes
Weekly meal plans with 9 delicious recipes + 3 healthy snacks. All recipes are easily accessible in a printable PDF with pictures, instructions & a grocery list for the week.
24 Workouts
6 weekly workouts with a variety of types to choose from — body weight, cardio, circuit & strength training. Your choice of gym or at-home workouts with videos and instructions for every exercise so you always know what to do.
Mobile App
All of your content is beautifully delivered via The LifeCure Mobile App to help make working out and eating healthy easy, fun & flexible.
Progress Tracking
Food diary and progress tracking via The LifeCure Mobile App.
Access to our Facebook group, “DFY Fitness Community" for encouragement & accountability.
Camille is very personable! Took the time to understand me and my mental blocks. Very patient in answering my many questions.


My outlook on how to eat healthier and doing just a little at a time is good and can produce results.


I'm slowly increasing my exercising habits. I feel better mentally and I can't wait to begin seeing changes in my body too!


I have a better outlook on what my health could look like in the future if I keep up what we have worked on.


My motivation to actually strive for these habits are back! This feels SO GOOD.


I feel better during my day, and I don't feel like I NEED a nap.


BSN, health coach & fitness-guru

Hi, I'm Camille!

My passion is helping women reclaim their health through simple, powerful lifestyle changes.

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